What is the minimum stay?
Normally there is a minimum 3 night booking requirement for our short term apartments and a minimum of one month for some of our monthly rentals. There is no maximum booking requirement. Bookings are subject to availability.

How do I make a reservation?
There are a number of easy steps you have to follow to place a reservation:

  1. Use the multiple search functions to find the apartment you like. Send us a message to check availability of that apartment for the dates you wish to stay: Tell us your check in night, your check out day and your party size.
  2. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm availability and the price.
  3. Once your selected apartment is confirmed to be available, you can confirm your reservation by paying the security deposit directly to the following email address via Paypal (booking@livrealtymedellin.com)

Security Deposits made via Paypal are not subject to any additional fees. Within 24 hours you will receive by e-mail a confirmation of the booking and the check-in information. You will also need to send us some check-in information with your passport details and date of birth information for all guests.

Note: Your reservation will not be held until you make the reservation payment. All of our prices are in pesos. The remaining balance must be paid in pesos or Paypal upon your arrival. * (Other payment options are available but may incur additional costs), Rates are Based on the exchange rate of www.xoom.com PLEASE NOTE THAT PAYPAL OR ANY BANK DOES NOT PAY THE OFFICIAL EXCHAGE RATE SO PLEASE DONT REFER TO XE.COM OR ANY OTHER OFFICAL SITES AS A REFERENCE

Other Payment options and Charges

  • We are happy to try and accommodate all forms of balance of payment however you are responsible for the fees that may incur.
  • Western Union Money Transfer – Sender must pay all fees.
  • Bank Wire Transfer – Sender must pay all bank charges.
  • Paypal – A 4% processing fee is added to balance of payments to cover Paypal processing, transactional, and cross border fees as well as exchange and banking costs.
  • Credit Card – A fee of 3.2% will be added.

How much do I have to pay to make the reservation?
To confirm a booking, a security deposit is required. The full balance shall be paid by the client upon arrival. For late arrivals we will collect the balance of payment the following day. ALL balance of payments must be made prior to your arrival. We reserve the right to add a 5% late fee (per day) to your bill if the bill is not settled within 24 hours.

How and when do I pay the remaining balance?
The remaining balance is payable in cash (Colombian Pesos Only), bank transfer, credit card  or via Paypal on arrival at the office. The balance in dollars is calculated at the daily rate of exchange. We will calculate the peso amount using xoom.com on the day of arrival.

NOTE: For bookings of 3 months or more, the first and last months rent is required as well as the security deposit.

Do the prices include taxes?
Yes, on the quote that you will receive, taxes are included.

Am I required to pay a security deposit for the apartment?
Yes, you required to pay a security deposit, depending on the apartment it runs from $300 Dollars or more via Paypal at least two weeks prior to arrival. We will keep the deposit during your stay and it will be given back to you after your departure if there are no pending cleaning fees, or any damages in the apartment. If any damages are found, we will refund within the next 72 hours.

Can I cancel my reservation?
If you do need to cancel a reservation, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to re-book the apartment. The initial security deposit is non-refundable. There are no exceptions to this rule.

As a general rule, we do not refund the Security Deposit on cancellations with less than two weeks notice. In those cases where you give us notice in advance, every effort will be made to re-book the apartment and if a new booking is found for the same rental period a full refund of the Security Deposit will be issued. We will deduct from the Security Deposit the cost of days that remain un-booked to the maximum value of the Security Deposit based on the daily rate of the apartment.

Last minute cancellations or those requested after the client has already used the apartment are not subject to any kind of refund, the client will be responsible for the total rental amount. In those cases however, the Security Deposit is refunded less any loss, damage or cleaning charges. There are no exceptions to this rule.

How and when do I get the keys to the apartment?
Please let us know as soon as possible your estimated arrival time or if someone else will be picking up the keys on your behalf, in most cases, we will have our host waiting for you at the property. If you have any problems you can call us or text us at +57 3016514540 in case you get lost or you need to inform us of a change in your schedule.

How long does it take from the moment our plane lands to the apartment / Airport pickup service?
The ride from the airport in a taxi is about 45 minutes. The cost of a taxi from the airport is around 85,000 pesos, or roughly $25 US Dollars.

We also provide a personalized airport pickup service for $85,000 pesos or $28 dollars. You can request this when you select an apartment. Please also inform us of your arrival time and flight number.

What are the check in and check out times?
Check in: 4:00 PM onwards. This allows us enough time to properly clean the apartment before the next arrival. If you are arriving in Medellin before 2pm, you are welcome to leave your luggage with the guards until 2pm. Normal check out time is 11:00 AM. Please request late check out prior to arrival and we will try our best to accommodate to your needs.

What is the maximum occupancy?
The maximum occupancy varies per apartment. Please take note of the maximum occupancy listed in each apartment. You are responsible for not exceeding the maximum occupancy and you can be asked to leave the property if you overlook this requirement.

Are there extra charges for gas, electricity or water?
There are no additional charges for gas, electricity or water on short term rentals, There is a $300.000 COP top on long term rentals. This doesn’t include cable and internet, which has no top.

How often are the apartments cleaned?
The rental includes the initial cleaning just prior to arrival. If you would like additional cleanings during your stay, we offer our cleaning services for an additional cost of $25 a day and includes a complete change of towels and sheets.

Is there an extra charge for cleaning?
Yes, an initial fee of $30 is added to the cost of your stay to clean the apartment after your departure. There may be a charge if the apartment is left excessively dirty. We expect you to leave the apartment tidy without any excessive cleaning necessary. Additional cleaning charges will be added if there is a cigarette smell inside the apartment. We provide excellent additional cleaning services on request for just $20 or $50 for 3 x cleanings. We highly recommend you take advantage of these offers.

Are bed linens and towels provided in the apartment?
Yes, bed linen and towels are provided in all of our apartments.

What happens if I break something?
Please call us as soon as possible to assess the damage. We will do our best to try and fix or replace the item/s and reach a decision if whether there is any charge incurred. Along with the welcome letter you will receive a copy of the apartment inventory which you can check for accuracy when you arrive. It is much quicker and simpler to remedy cases of broken or damaged items if we are informed while you are still in the apartment.

What if I need help or information during my stay?
There will be a member of LIV staff available to answer any of your questions during regular business hours. Outside business hours you can also contact us in a case of emergency. The number is: 3016514540.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed.

Do the apartments have Internet access?
All of our apartments have Wi-Fi Internet access.

Do the apartments have car parking spaces?
The availibility of Parking spaces varies depending on the property, it is specified on the listing, if you still are unsure please Check with your host about this before booking.

Can I bring guests back to the apartment?
Once you have arrived at your apartment, it is literally your home away from home. Guests may visit you in the apartment as many times as you like, whenever you like without additional cost, as long as they are over 18 and must show their ID, We reserve the right to restrict the entry of any person who declines to show it.

Please keep in mind when entertaining to keep the noise to appropriate levels especially during the week out of respect for your neighbors. TAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF REGULATION with regard to entertaining in the apartment.

Can I use all available rooms, even if I am traveling alone?
The rent includes access to all bedrooms so you may have guest stay over and use any additional space as needed, however you cannot sub-lease the apartment or it’s rooms.

Can I have a party in the apartment?
No. There are hundreds or bars and clubs in Medellin, your apartment is not one of them. From Sunday to Thursday, after 8PM, it’s important that you maintain a respectable level of noise from music and television and noise in general. During the weekends, please maintain a respectful volume of noise after 9:00 PM. By closing the balcony doors you can lower the level of noise going outside and to other apartments significantly.

We reserve the right to deduct money from the Security Deposit if we receive complaints about the noise or inappropriate conduct. We reserve the right to evict with immediate effect all renters from the property who, in our opinion, are not suitable as clients of LIV due to unreasonable behavior, damage to the property, or causing repeated annoyance or offense to adjacent properties/neighbors. In such cases of eviction, no refund will be given under any circumstances.

Can I smoke in the apartments?
No. All of our apartments are strictly non-smoking except on the balconies outside. Extra cleaning expenses will be deducted if the apartment is left with linen or furniture smelling of cigarettes.

Is there hot water in all the apartments?
Yes, all units have hot water systems.

Can I sublease or let someone else stay at the property?

NO, The property can only be occupied by the renter and their registered guests, Its not allow to borrow or let someone else bisides you occupy the property. If this happens, the contract will be cancelled inmediately with no right to any refund.